Is the “Death of Environmentalism” a Right-Wing Ploy?

Interesting post up at Portside/s*a*m*i*z*d*a*t* refering to an article from the UC-Berkeley paper The Berkeleyan questioning the motivations, credentials and support of “Death of Environmentalism” authors Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger. This certainly has the ring of “conspiracy theory” to it, though with today’s right, who the hell knows? But I think, regardless of motivation, the discussion and argument that has arisen within the progressive and environmental communities has been largely positive: we’re really questioning our methods, and I think that’s healthy. I didn’t realize that the environmental justice community had been disparaged by Nordhaus and Shellenberger; if so, I do think that’s a bad move. If anything, the environmental justice movement could serve as a model for how to successfully integrate various progressive issues into a coherent message.

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