It’s That Time Again…

My yard is green and colorful, the weather’s warming up nicely, and I’ve got two weeks to get through a massive amount of grading I’ve put off until the very end… sigh… some things never change. And just like that stack of papers, my Bloglines feeds are are about to topple over from their own weight. So, in the interest of efficiency and not missing out on some really cool items, here’s an overview of some of the best stuff out there:

  • Dave Roberts was kind enough to mention my very truncated overview of reactions to the new/old Bush energy policy, but he’s done a much better job of pointing out a wider range of opinions on this yawner… So, what is it folks: are Dubya and company just proving their status as dirty energy bitches, or do they truly lack imagination? We report, you decide.
  • But while the federal government again show its loyalty to the oil, gas and nuclear sugar daddies, the states continue with truly bold and innovative approaches to energy development: RenewableEnergyAccess.com points us to exciting news in North Dakota, Maine and Tennessee. They also show us that not everyone at the federal level is ‘ho’in’ for the fossil fuels folks: Sen. Barak Obama is pushing for tax credits for E85 ethanol, and sixty-seven members of the House of Represetatives want to see more funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy for Fiscal Year 2006.
  • Both the Sierra Club’s Daily Scoop and Gil Friend remind us that the private sector is seeing the light on climate change and other environmental issues even as their boys/girls in Washington keep their heads in the sand.
  • WorldChanging shows us that the Europeans still get it, even as they recognize the challenges of sustainable development…
  • Soapwire shows us that the Bushies are still trying to make organic standards more “business-friendly,” which, in their tiny little minds, mean watering down those standards.
  • Ranger Bob and kin made it through their move relatively unscathed, and he’s back watching developments with public land.
  • The Navy and Air Force are making progress on the renewable energy front… Update: I originally found the news about the Air Force on TriplePundit, and just couldn’t relocate it yesterday…
  • And, finally, long live the ivory-billed woodpecker

As always, just scratching the surface here… Lots more to see at our friends on the right side of the page…

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