Jesus Unplugged: Religious Groups Participate in Earth Hour 2008


Candlelit services are nothing new for religious organizations. So when businesses, governments, and individuals turn off their lights Saturday at 8 p.m. local time, churches, synagogues, and mosques will be holding special gatherings. This global event is the second annual Earth Hour, the creation of the World Wildlife Fund to inspire people to take action on climate change.

In Toronto, The Church of the Holy Trinity in conjunction with KAIROS Ecumenical Justice Initiatives will be hosting an event called Songs, Stories, and Ritual for the Healing of the Earth with singing, poetry, and drumming.

In Atlanta, Georgia Interfaith Power and Light is persuading its 120 Christian, Jewish and Buddhist congregations to power down on March 29. The group is part of a national campaign led by Rev. Sally Bingham, that assists congregations in going green by doing free energy audits and offering teaching resources on the environment as a faith issue.

In Sydney, St. Mark’s Anglican Church has been transitioning into an “eco-church” since Earth Hour 2007.

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  1. David Zetland

    I, like many others, realize that this bit of feel-good prop/agit for the environment is not going to matter very much UNLESS people use that hour to make a long term change. (Someone suggested changing all the lightbulbs to energy-efficient bulbs.)

    For your “earth minute” decide to stop or change one thing you do everyday that wastes energy or resources. If might be driving to the mailbox (instead of walking), running the water when you wash your teeth, or invading small countries, but make that small change.

    Here’s what Dubya was doing for his hour.

  2. Bobby B.

    I participated too! I switched on all the lights around the house, and even plugged in a few 500 watt halogen work lights for good measure. I just can’t wait until my 20th Annual Earth Day Barbecue (Bar-B-Q for some). Eve though the price of food (esp. meat) is through the roof thanks to ethanol, some traditions just have to be kept.

  3. Bobby B.

    To qualify as an April Fool doesn’t it have to be an untruth?

    I am not lying about this one. During whatever “lights out” was officially called, my meter was spinning faster than it has since I took down the Christmas lights. My only regret was not having any woodworking projects in progress to justify firing up the power tools. However, I did mow the lawn earlier that day, so that was some consulation.

    Regarding the Earth Day Barbecue, it has been an annual event at my house for years although maybe not quite 20. I guess that I should also qualify that it doesn’t always occur exactly on Earth Day, but one of the nearby weekends. In the traditional of Thanksgiving, the actual date floats. Additionally, you ain’t grilling if you’re using gas. Kingsford and kerosene are a must.

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