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On a personal matter, after much thought and struggle, and after a long discussion with my wife, I’ve decided I’m going to hit the job market; however, I’m not going to be looking for another academic position. After ten years of teaching, I still love the time I spend in the classroom with my students, but, obviously, have developed other interests and passions. My specific situation also requires me to spend half the week away from my home and family and to drive 300 miles round trip every week — not exactly a sustainable situation on a number of levels.

So, why am I posting this here? One word: networking. I’m particularly interested in positions that take advantage of my writing and communications skills: marketing, PR, journalism, copywriting, “problogging,” or anything else along these lines. I want to stay in St. Louis right now, but am certainly open to telecommuting possibilities. Finally, I really want to shift into a professional focus on sustainability.

I’m going to keep this brief, as I know most of you aren’t interested in my whole resume’ and such. At the same time, if you know of something, I’d certainly appreciate your passing it along. If you have suggestions on how I might go about such a search, feel free to pass them along, too. Thanks!

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