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Thanks to Michael Maloney at IBM for informing me about Habitat JAM, a massive online discussion leading up to the World Urban Forum in January. Habitat JAM bills itself as “an unprecedented online global conversation about what matters most to you,” and promises a lively, thorough discussion of issues related to urban life and sustainability:

Imagine tens of thousands of people around the world just like you connecting in real time over the internet to discuss and debate some of the most urgent and controversial issues that face a rapidly urbanizing planet. Imagine world-class thinkers leading the discussions. Imagine the results that could be achieved by this unprecedented global conversation and collaboration. This is Habitat JAM.

The Habitat JAM is about adding your voice into the global conversation about the future of our cities. It’s about having your say on important issues that affect you. It’s about building new global networks of people who wouldn’t have connected before. It’s about working together across the globe to agree on solutions.

As part of the preparations for the third session of the World Urban Forum, the Government of Canada in partnership with UN-HABITAT is sponsoring this 72-hour internet event. From December 1-3, 2005, the Habitat JAM will gather your input and add it to thousands of others to create actionable ideas for the Vancouver World Urban Forum agenda and influence the Forum’s content.

The JAM will focus on the following topics:

β–  Improving the Lives of People Living in Slums (English and French forums)
β–  Sustainable Access to Water in Our Cities
β–  Environmental Sustainability in Our Cities
β–  Finance and Governance in Our Cities
β–  Safety and Security in Our Cities
β–  Humanity: The Future of Our Cities

Registration is free — I’ve already submitted mine. Hope I’ll run into some of you there…

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