How to Build a Keyhole Garden

I’m a big fan of raised bed gardening approaches: I really don’t want to do a ton of digging, and, as an urban homeowner, I need to maximize the space I have. So I was intrigued when I ran across this post on the keyhole garden, a raised-bed style of gardening that originated in Africa.

The plan below provided by a reader at The Homesteading Boards is intriguing (though also expensive, as he mentions). Make sure to click through to appropedia’s page on the keyhole garden, and watch the videos available: you may get some ideas for simpler and less expensive approaches. If you do, of course, let us know about it.

DIY Keyhole Garden (via The HomesteadingBoards)

Have you ever heard of a Keyhole Garden? I first heard about it several years ago and the idea intrigued me. Instead of explaining it, I will defer to appropedia A Keyhole Garden is a type of kitchen garden raised bed. The design – which looks like…

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