LA Auto Show: Today’s Overview

I’d planned on getting posts up throughout the day, but given the size of the event and venue, did much more running around from place to place. Finally came back to the hotel to get some work done.

My impressions: Wow! I knew the big car companies would spare little expense to promote themselves here, but had no idea how big and lavish some of these displays would be. Lots of video, neon and flashing lights, hip hop music and high-tech displays. It’s overwhelming, to say the least.

A few of the things I saw and did:

  • Listened to GM Chair and CEO Rick Wagoner describe the company’s plans for further greening itself — see my post at Treehugger for some of the details. Mayor Antonio Villairegoso was there, also.
  • Went to press conferences for GM and Honda.
  • Drove a Honda FCX fuel cell vehicle, and a Gem. The “Drive and Ride,” sponsored by Green Car Journal, must’ve had at least 20 different vehicles.
  • Met Treehugger compadres Nick Aster (also of TriplePundit) and Hank Green (also of EcoGeek). Trying to connect with Siel of Green LA Girl.

Needless to say, I’m having a great time! I’ll be meeting with one of Shell’s fuel specialists tomorrow morning — if you’ve got questions you’d like me to ask, post them in the comments here, or email me (and remember that Shell is sponsoring my trip). The rumor is flying around that Ahh-nold himself will be there in the morning — no word if he’ll be posing in one of the many Hummers…

PS: Why the old photo? It’s the LA Auto’s Show’s 100th anniversary…

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