Learn to Flush Away Less Water and Save Money with EPA’s WaterSense Widget

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Curious about new ways to save water and money?Β  EPA’s WaterSense Program recently unveiled a WaterSense widget that brings monthly water-saving facts and tips directly to your website or social network. Each month, new seasonally-relevant content will be added to help you increase your water efficiency and keep more cash in your wallet.

Why Conserve Water?

With drought conditions throughout many western and southern states in the U.S., the time is ripe for increasing water-saving efforts.Β  More pragmatic than the infamous “Save water – Shower with a friend” campaign of the 1970s, EarthSense focuses on actionable items and tidbits.

This Month: Toilets and the Super Bowl

This month’s feature promotes EarthSense-labeled toilets.Β  As I learned on my first visit to a wastewater treatment plant, their largest single pulse of wastewater comes at halftime on Super Bowl Sunday – when fans all get up to use the bathroom.Β  According to EarthSense, if everyone were flushing EarthSense toilets, it would save almost 200 million gallons of water.

EarthSense estimates that replacing a conventional toilet with an EarthSense-labeled one will save a household $90 per year.Β  Its toilet fact sheet also says, “If every American home with older, inefficient toilets replaced them with new WaterSense labeled toilets, we would save nearly 640 billion gallons of water per year, equal to more than two weeks of flow over Niagara Falls!”

Non-replacement Alternatives

So, EarthSense provides an idea for you to go beyond that flushing feeling.Β  However, if you’re not remodeling or building, and don’t want to replace your toilet, remember that there are still ways to reduce your water waste in the bathroom.

Flush less down the toilet, and keep your wallet more flush.Β  A win-win!

Image Credit: limonada at Flickr under a Creative Commons license.

  1. Jonny Lyons

    Love the widget, it’s going straight onto my website

    Composting toilets are great, but i’ve never seen one with a urinal (since men have to sit to pee, as it goes elsewhere to leave the compost dry) That’s what puts me off!

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