Let the Countdown Commence!

That’s right: while it may seem like I’ve been yammering about this forever, we’re down to under a week until Blogging ‘Round the Clock. Some updates:

  • Our pledge totals continue to grow: we’re now up to just over $130. Help me reach that $500 goal by making your pledge! Remember, I’ll also be donating 50% of income from affiliate links during BRC to the Earthways Center, so you can help out by making a purchase from the sustainablog Bazaar.
  • sustainablog takes to the airways! I’ll be on Jean Ponzi’s Earthworms program tonight on community radio station KDHX between 7 and 8 pm CST. Listen in while we’re live, or listen later to the MP3 that they post of each show.
  • Other than that, I’m gearing up to stay up all night next week — you just don’t do that as much in your mid-thirties, so I appreciate any suggestions (beyond lots of coffee, of course).

Thanks again to the blogs and websites that have helped me spread the word, to individuals and businesses that have offered other kinds of help, and to our pledgers. I’m still happy to have you join in this effort, so if you’d like to participate beyond visiting sustainablog and commenting on July 11-12, let me know.

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