Let’s Get this Party Started! (PPB #1)

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It’s 4 PM here in NE Missouri, so it’s time to start blogathoning… welcome to sustainablog’s 2010 Pedal-Powered Blogathon!

We’ve done our best to get the word out, so you may already have a really good idea of what we’re doing here. But, in case you’re just stumbling across the event…

  • We’ll be blogging from 4pm today (March 26) to tomorrow at the same time.
  • We’ll have posts coming in from all around the green blogosphere… at least 21 at this point.
  • We’ve also got a Tweet Chat open… you can Tweet from any application with the hashtag #susbppb, or head to chat space itself.
  • We’re doing this all to raise funds for educational efforts and residential outreach at the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage here in NE Missouri. I’m here now at the eco bed and breakfast the Milkweed Mercantile, and they’re taking very good care of me already…
  • We’re running this all with a combination of a pedal-powered generator, and the normal solar power here at the Ecovillage. No fossil fuels will be burned in the production of this blogathon! More info on that in the next post…

We’re so glad you’re here! Remember that commenting on any posts during the event enters you in a drawing for some great prizes… including 5 $10 gift certificates at the Milkweed Mercantile (just found out about that one!).

Let’s get going…

  1. Alyson Ewald

    Welcome to Rutledge, Jeff! I’m writing from Red Earth Farms, the homesteading community next to Dancing Rabbit. It was a pleasure this morning to bake the bread that will feed the blogathoners and other Mercantile guests. Write on!

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