Let’s Refuel America Program

gas-pump.jpgItโ€™s not often that we venture into Colma but when we do we thought that it would serve as the base for this post. For those not familiar with the city, Colma contains the highest per capita cemeteries in the USA and its said that Colma has “1,500 above ground residents and 1.5 million underground”. Besides dead bodies, Colma also contains a slew of auto dealerships. We passed the slew of auto retailers and noticed the the Serramonte Chrysler Jeep Dodge and their Letโ€™s Refuel America program.

Letโ€™s get this straight. Chrysler announces this โ€œgoodโ€ news about gas prices. The Chrysler web site states, โ€œAs fuel prices continue to rise, the Let’s Refuel America Program helps providing stability to the cost of fuel with a simple solution – locking in the price of unleaded or diesel fuel at $2.99/gallon for three years.โ€ So we just have to buy a new car and off we save at the pump.

Thatโ€™s just great. Thereโ€™s just a few things (see car list) that really ticks us off. The Serramonte Chrysler Jeep Dodge the features vehicles including:

Chrysler 300 C Executive Series LWB
MPG: 15 / 23

Chrysler Aspen Limited 4×2
MPG: 13 / 19

Chrysler Crossfire Limited – coupe
MPG: 15 / 23

Chrysler PT Cruiser Base
MPG: 21 / 26

Notice anything? None of these vehicles even come close to 30 mpg. Instead of Chrysler spending their coin on this petroleum subsidy why donโ€™t they create some hybrids, electric vehicles, or even some autos that get 40 + mpg?

Maybe Hummer will sponsor a $1.99 a gallon program soon. That will get America rolling. In Colma, the dead will be rolling in their graves if this continues to be the way America and the rest of the world deals with the continuing oil shortage.

Read More about Chrysler’s “Let’s Refuel America” Promotion, and Better Options for Fuel Efficiency:

  1. Mike O'Grady

    Seems that nothing is free in this world. If you think this is enough to tick you off, take a look at all the exemptions in our Energy Bill aimed at getting automakers to build fuel efficient cars, sell them at a loss per se, and pick up some good old tax dollars to bolster their efforts.

    I’m cool with this mind you, except the exemptions don’t necessariy state that the cars have to be built in the US, using use labor and parts – which supply taxes in the first place. What I am not cool with is giving foreign made cars a US tax break – even if the company doing the “building” is a US Corporation!

  2. Tarron


    I work for a dodge dealer (in advertising). Chrysler will be coming out will hybirds as time goes….. I know they are slow. I own a Ram so I know all about paying for gas.

    But can most of us cannot even afford some of the hybirds that are out today.

    There are ways to increase your gas mileage in your vehicle…. all people had to do is a little research.

    Yes it is probably expensive but there are ways. I’m thinking about saving up 2k so I can double or triple my MPG in my Ram.

    I do get what you are saying about they cold have spent moeny elseware though……

    Good Post.


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