Living Green: Why a Wool Rug is a Great Place to Start!



Every day we are faced with a cacophony of choices, from what to eat to which color suits the lounge walls. Dilemmas are everywhere, and one which is surfacing time and time again is how to choose a quality rug that is eco-friendly, durable and robust.

A tall order?

You may think that this sounds too much of a tall order; after all, durability and robustness are not two characteristics that are all too commonly found. But, there is a material that is environmentally friendly, from a sustainable source, “in fashion,” and is both durable and robust: wool.

Wool rugs have, for centuries, been the main stay of many a home across the UK, and when you consider the reasons why, there is no wonder…

Durability is something that wool rugs offer to the discerning customer, providing they are well-maintained. Wool is one of the strongest naturally-occurring fibers, with its synthetic counterpart, rayon, coming a very poor second.

If you are looking for a rug forΒ a high-traffic area, then wool rugs undoubtedly offer the best in terms of quality. In fact, it is this very high quality in each and every wool rug that attracts many people to consider them as an option within the home.

Aging gracefully

You can also think of wool rugs as a wine connoisseur would think of a fine wine: age only improves the wool rug, rather than detracting from its beauty. Over time, the natural oils in the fibres come to the surface, giving a delightful sheen that only enhances the vibrancy of the colors.

More choices!

But once you have made the decision to opt for a wool rug, you will now face another dilemma: color. Many people still labor under the false notion that wool rugs are boring: dull in color, and lifeless in design and pattern.

How very wrong they are. Modern colors, design, and manufacturing techniques of dyes have increased several fold, and so regardless of what color you want or need – reds, greens, yellows and more – there will be a high quality wool rug out there, perfect for your home!

And again, this is not a dying process that leaks or bleed. Colored wool rugs hold their color far better than many other materials, and they maintain this look with the correct cleaning etc. Surely this alone is worth the extra you would pay for a wool rug?

Quality – no compromise!

Wool rugs, without a doubt, offer the most amazing quality that you will ever find. Regardless of the color, size, or pattern, a wool rug will last for years, and years, and years and…

Many people think of wool as being coarse and unpleasant next to the skin; however, wool is processed into a soft fabric in a process known as batting. This creates the final product that is used to create both rugs and carpet; it is also used to create a “flat,” soft-to-the-touch material, and is now being used as an upholstery fabric, too.

Closer to nature

Many people enjoy the look, feel, and touch of wool simply because it is a way of bringing the outside in, a way of incorporating nature within the interior of a home. In fact, many people feel a sense of calm and relaxation when they wallow in the softness of wool.

Safe too!

Just as we look for durability and robustness in a fabric, there are other qualities that wool rugs bring to your home:

  • Stain-resistant – if you prefer not to invest in rugs that are chemically treated, then wool rugs are your perfect choice. They naturally have a resistant ability to stains and spills. All you need to do, should something be spilled, is quickly “blot” it with kitchen paper or another absorbent cloth and you will find – almost magically! – that the liquid lifts away from the fibers.
  • Fire-resistant – not many people are aware that wool has an ability to resist fire. Rather than combusting, the material has an ability to smoother any flames before they take hold.

And finally…

As a natural fiber, it is also a material in which dust mites are unable to thrive and so, with all the other qualities that you find in a wool rug, this is another welcome one!

If you are looking to create a welcoming space, with a great rug that pulls together all the elements of the room, why not take a look at wool rugs? With colors and styles to complement and contrast with all interior dΓ©cor, there is sure to be a wool rug that will suit your home.

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