Learn About Living Off The Grid as a Homesteading Intern

Want to learn what it is really like living off the grid in a solar and wind-powered straw bale house? Want to try your hand at organic gardening and building a sauna with natural materials? This summer, you can have your chance at life off-grid at Gooseberry Farm in northeast Missouri, a family homestead demonstrating the modern low impact lifestyle!

Gooseberry Farm of Red Earth Farms, a collective of off-the-grid homesteads in rural Missouri, is accepting intern requests for the 2012 season. This is a great opportunity for the budding homesteader to get his/her hands dirty in a functional homesteading environment.

This is a full-featured apprenticeship that will give you experience in many aspects of establishing a natural home and organic garden for a small family. As you work alongside us we will give you guidance and hands-on practice in gardening, building, cooperative decision-making, and creative child care. We will also share with you what we’ve learned about making income while getting started on your farm and raising a family. Sometimes you will be working with Mark on our off-grid strawbale house, other times you might be helping Alyson decide where to plant the corn, or figuring out how to make last year’s corn into cornbread with our 4-year-old daughter Cole.
If you find yourself dreaming about what it is like to use renewable energy, or live in a natural hand-built home, grow organic vegetables, or better yet, all of the above and more, this opportunity is perfect for you.
Image credit: Mark Mazziotti
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