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From the Phoenix Business Journal, an article on Organic Ventures, a new firm that assists sustainable businesses in attracting investors:

Owners of a young firm in Phoenix want to capitalize on the escalating interest in sustainable businesses by becoming an asset for “organic entrepreneurs” who are in search of funding to expand their ventures.

Rochelle and Stephanie Lebhar have formed Organic Ventures in Scottsdale. The mother-daughter duo helps socially responsible companies find financing.

The pair analyzes a client’s business, writes a free business plan and then works to match it with interested investors. The Lebhars earn a fee if a client gets a funding deal.

With the organic and natural products industry climbing 20 percent a year and sales exploding into the billions of dollars, their timing is perfect.

This article is interesting not only for the overview of this new company, but also for its bullish attitude towards sustainable business. While most of us know that organics, renewable energy and other green business sectors have seen double-digit growth in recent years, it’s rare to see this news published in the traditional business press. Time to call you broker…?

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