Time for Environmentalists to Get Emotional? Love Thy Nature

love thy nature movie poster

Aren’t environmentalists always emotional? Maybe overly so? No doubt, some think that… but we’ve also convinced ourselves (or, at least, I’ve convinced myself) that rational argument about the benefits of nature work best for bringing along people who may not share our passion. Let’s talk about “natural resources” and “environmental economics” so others don’t think we’re just hippy dippy treehuggers who don’t get the practical side of the argument.

I think there’s a lot of wisdom in that approach… but as filmmakerΒ Sylvie Rokab notes in the video below, “What we fall in love with, we protect.” Rokab has been at work on the documentary Love The Nature, which argues for the benefits of rekindling our emotional connections to the natural world. Take a few minutes to hear her explanation:

Yes, she’s also raising funds for the last bit of filming, and post-production work… check out her Kickstarter page for more details on how funds raised will be used. This looks like a film that could inspire a lot of people (including environmentalists) to reconnect with the joy and beauty of nature… and that’s worth supporting.

What do you think about making more emotional appeals for preserving nature? Have we already done too much of that? Or, is it time to start rethinking our love of nature, and sharing it more? Let us know what you think, and if you decide to support this film.

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