Low Impact Living: Thoughts on a Green Chanukah

Chanukah starts Sunday December 21 this year– just a week from today. Just as we encourage everyone to incorporate eco-smart ideas and green gifts into their Christmas plans, we also want to share some thoughts on how to have a Green Chanukah this year.

beeswax candlesFirst, starting with the menorah, it’s always a great idea to use natural beeswax or soy candles. Traditional paraffin candles are made from petroleum. Or you can go the traditional route and use an olive-oil-burning menorah. Very natural indeed!

And using the menorah allows you to turn off the lights, save power, and cut your carbon footprint while you enjoy the light of the candles. Indeed the origin of the festival of lights in rooted in resource conservation— we can all learn a great deal by reflecting on the message of making one night’s oil last for eight days!

menorahShould you need a new menorah, may we suggest this gorgeous one made of recycled glass? It is stunning and will surely become a family heirloom. This piece is hand crafted by artist Jacques Rivard. Or if this one is a bit much for your tastes, you can opt to make your own from logs, stones and more found objects… let creativity and reuse be your guides! Here’s a link to a blog with many excellent ideas for how to create special, eco-friendly Chanukah menorahs and other decorations.

dreidel made from sustainable woodIf you plan to spin the dreidel, how about getting one made of sustainable wood? Yes of course they exist! 3RLiving has made one and it’s a real treasure. What a wonderful eco-friendly gift this would make. You can find them from 3RLiving here.

tikkunIf you are looking for other Chanukah gift ideas you must explore the exceptional items made by Tikkun Olam. Tikkun Olam, Hebrew for repair the world, makes individually designed journals, greeting cards and picture frames using tree-free and recycled materials, as well as found objects. Designer Suzanne Lippe uses vintage keepsakes, antique stamps and postcards, and beads to create her unique gifts. Visit Tikkun Olam here.

What other ideas do you have to share? Please share them in the comments section.

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