Magazine Review: Body+Soul January/February 2008 Issue

Body+Soul Jan/Feb 2008A new year, a new opportunity to turn our lives around; 2008 is a leap year, so we even get an extra day to do all those lovely things we enjoy doing (be rarely make the time for). I’m not sure about you, but this new year has been quite busy and productive so far for me. The question herein lies if all this progress is due to the rush of a new beginning or simply finally having “paid” all my “dues.”

Philosophical contemplation aside, the January/February 2008 issue of Body+Soul arrived in my mailbox just a few days after this new year was rung in. Eager as usual, I read through it in less than 48 hours and am here to share its goodness with you.

Stay healthy all year long! This month, find easy tips on how to get more sleep, feel less stress, eat better, and more. Stay looking fresh all winter with our cold-weather skin survival guide and indoor workouts to keep your energy up. Plus, taste power-packed versions of your favorite soups.

New beginnings tend to make me think not only of all the good things I have accomplished, but also all the frustrations and challenges I have been through. Hindsight is 20/20 and now that these trying events have passed, it gives us all a chance to truly see what we have learned from the tribulations life throws at as. This is also the theme of the Reader to Reader section (page 18) of this Body+Soul issue. From financial stress and childhood afflictions to selfless giving and facing death, B+S readers share their tales of inner abundance openly and graciously. By visiting the Reader to Reader section online, you can read their stories and submit your own experiences with unexpected plenty.

“The secret to abundance lies in striking a balance between not enough and way too much.” Continuing the theme of simple pleasures and unexpected joy, Terri Trespicio’s feature titled “More Than Enough” (page 107) greets us with the previously mentioned quote. Battling between our societal desires to continually move up (and therefore bigger) and the basic enjoyment of a sunny morning, fresh muffin, or tender smile may not be as much of a challenge as we think.

According to some scientists, a selection of our desires are hardwired from our ancestors, who needed to search and strive for more in order to survive. Following this revelation, six enlightening and integrative approaches to embracing abundance in your own way are presented. My personal favorites are “take action” and “make space”, which focusing on freeing yourself of useless busy work and space-wasting clutter.

Last but by no means least, a happy and humble shout-out to environmental journalist Simran Sethi. Featured in a profile starting on page 114, she mentions Green Options as one of her favorite green news websites. We are all in debt to her tireless dedication to sustainable media and are honored to have such a well-known professional appreciating our own hard work at spreading the eco-word.

Other swank highlights from the January/February issue: Cooking Right (page 56), Winter Green (page 62), How Holistic Is Your Doc? (page 79), and Simple Winter Soups (page 118).

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