Magazine Review: Body+Soul November/December 2007 Issue

Body+Soul Nov/Dec 07Is it possible to catch two different colds in the span of two weeks? I am certainly starting to think so. Though I suppose it would be even less fun to have a runny nose and sore throat during the summertime, I am a lot less eager to bake holiday cookies or wrap presents when I have to stop every 3-4 minutes to blow my nose.

Curled up with a steaming cup of tea, these back-to-back colds have given me a chance to catch up on a lot of reading, including the latest issue of Body+Soul:

Have it all! In our latest issue, get expert advice on saving money, staying positive, finding more time, breaking a food rut, and many more of your holiday and 2008 resolutions. In the spirit of having your cake and eating it, too, we have holiday eating strategies, and 10 ways to fight off a fever this season.

My eyes were instantly drawn to the “10 Best Cold and Flue Fighters” (page 126) headline, of course. The usual all-natural suspects are on the list: echinacea, garlic, ginger, and oscillococcinum. Ever since reading about astragalus, second on their top 10 list, I’ve seen it featured in Whole Foods and all over the web. Foods you likely already have in your kitchen (or can easily get) – olive oil, dried mushrooms, and elderberries – make the list as well, proving that you should feed both cold AND a fever (contrary to what the old wives tale claims). The article provides concise history and medical proof of each remedy, making this a must-save piece for the rest of this cold/flu season and subsequent ones in the coming years.

Hanukkah starts in a few days and Christmas is 3 weeks away – shopping season is in full swing. I am taking part in the Buy Handmade pledge, but I’m always looking for a way to add an even more personal connection to the gifts I give each holiday season. Appropriately enough, life coach Cheryl Richardson‘s monthly column (page 39) features 5 unique gift ideas that mean much more than any gift card. My two personal favorite projects are “write a love letter” and “give yourself”; both of which involve something that is infinitely more important than money – time and affection.

Speaking of gifts, being able to spend time with your close friends and loved ones is best gift of all at the end of the year. Unable to visit my mum in Connecticut or my grandma in Indiana this year, I am even more touched by the “Favorite Holiday Traditions” piece, starting on page 134. Every family has a different history and dynamic, which lends itself to creating our own unique traditions. Due to the loss of a number of older family members, as well as many of us moving apart, keeping traditions alive in my family has been more than difficult the past 5 years or so. Reading this article gives me inspiration for developing new rituals for the rest of my loved ones to enjoy and appreciate. If you have the blessing of being able to spend time with your close ones this special season, try to put aside the bickering and enjoy the rare opportunity you have available to you.

Other swank highlights from the November/December issue: Green Lights (page 68); Good for Your Gut (page 83); The Hardest Thing (page 104); Living the Good Life (page 116)

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