Major League Baseball Going Solar

Well, that’s actually a little misleading, but, according to RenewableEnergyAccess.com, the San Francisco Giants have entered into a unique partnership with Sharp:

Sharp Electronics Corporation and the San Francisco Giants Baseball Club have partnered to promote solar power as an energy alternative. As part of this unique sponsorship, Sharp has launched a radio promotion that encourages fans to generate their own power using a solar energy system, and has installed a Sharp solar electric system and multi-media kiosk at SBC Park…

“Solar is one of the key priorities for Sharp Corporation worldwide, so the timing is just right for us to raise awareness of solar through an association with a major professional sports franchise,” said Ron Kenedi, general manager of Sharp’s Solar Systems Division. “Our hope is that the installation at SBC Park will serve as a model for a stadium that satisfies a substantial amount of its electricity needs with solar energy.”

So that’s one more institution of American popular culture on board with renewable energy. What do we need now? Game shows? Professional wrestling?

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