The Many, Many Health Benefits of Water [Infographic]

health benefits of water selection

Drinking water is good for you…. duh! Yes, we all know that water is vital to maintaining health, and even life itself; if asked to name the health benefits of water beyond “maintaining health and life itself,” though, most of us might find ourselves stumped. What does that eight glasses a day (or however much you’re now supposed to drink) do for us exactly?

Our friends at Pelican Water have the answers to that question in this infographic. From simply maintaining basic healthy functioning to delivering nutrients to filtering blood to stabilizing our mood, water plays many roles in our overall well-being. And, as you’ll see below, it even contributes to our appearance: healthy-looking skin, hair, eyes, and nails all result, in part, from adequate levels of hydration.

Of course, in order to deliver a full benefit, you need to drink clean water free of contaminants – that’s the main reason we spend so much time on water pollution issues. You also need to have that clean water available, which is why we focus again and again on wasting water. Β Clean, fresh water is literally the stuff of life – if you’re not convinced why water issues are important to every one of us, give this infographic a couple of reads through to make sure you understand its necessity.

Got other facts about water consumption that you’d like to share? Go for it – leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Need to see a larger version of this infographic? Click here

health benefits of water infographic

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