Mexico City Organic Grocery Store Goes Solar

From El Universal Online, news that Mexico City’s Green Corner organic grocery store “…became the first company in the nation this week to run off of its own solar power cells.”

Additionally, the power system is connected to the capital’s energy grid allowing any excess electricity collected to flow out to help power the city. The 204 solar panels fitted atop the grocery story are capable of producing a total of 30.6 kW.

The chain specializing in organic food for two years now considers the solar energy project an extension of its environment-friendly policies.

One interesting fact I discovered in this article is that net metering is illegal in Mexico, and Green Corner’s experiment had to receive approval through legal channels. This seems counterintuitive in a largely developing country, and the article itself notes “in most developed nations the use of solar energy is rising by 40 percent annually on average, according to the International Solar Energy Society. In contrast, he said, Mexico has failed to take advantage of its location and the above-average amount of sunlight available here.” Do you suppose this is the result of some kind of utility monopoly?

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