More Analysis of Energy Bill Wrangling

LiberalOasis has posted a thorough overview of the recent clean energy provisions added to Senate’s energy bill, and also considers the strategies that Democrats could use to turn this debate to their favor. I agree whole-heartedly with their characterization of the just-added Renewable Energy Standard as a “decent, if modest, provision” in a bill that’s largely a giveaway to the oil, gas and nuclear industries in the name of “doing something” about gas prices. As LO points out, this bill won’t do jack about gas prices, and, if they’re wise, the Dems could use this in their favor. Strategy aside, though, it’s a real shame to see that green energy provisions are merely “lipstick on a pig.” It wouldn’t take a whole lot of vision to recognize that concrete, well-funded initiatives for energy conservation and renewable power could create economic momentum as well as get us on the road to genuine energy independence and security. But, alas, appearances are good enough for the folks in Washington…

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