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Seems like every time I check my feeds in the last month or so, there’s another story about sustainable development and green building in India. Today, I came across this article from India’s Financial Express gives an overview of green business development in the country, with a detailed overview of the Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd new manufacturing plant. Among the plant’s features:

β€’ Energy and atmosphere: Double skin brick wall with 25 mm air cavity, double-glazed low U glass to minimise the heat ingress into the building. HFC (hydrofluorocarbon)-based chillers of high COP thermal storage system to minimise energy consumption of the building and support electricity demand thereby enabling reducing the energy consumption by 25% as compared to conventional buildings.

β€’ Indoor environmental quality: Continuous monitoring and maintaining fresh air in all occupied areas β€” around 15 to 20 CFM (chloro- fluoro methane) per person. Sensors have been placed at various locations inside the building to monitor the carbondioxide level. Low emitting materials such as VOC sealant/ carpets/ composite woods/ paints have been used to maintain the indoor environmental quality. Smoking is not allowed in the entire building complex.

β€’ Built in a manner that 95% daylight penetrates through windows for at least 95% regularly occupied areas.

β€’ Under the material and resource feature, more than 10% of the building materials are refurbished/salvaged from old offices to minimise the use of virgin materials and more than 60% of the materials used in the building have got high percentage recycled content β€” acoustic ceiling, steel, glass, ceramic tile and MDF wood.

β€’ On the water efficiency, the company has enabled zero discharge building (100% water recycling and irrigating native plants) to minimise the water requirement. By installing sprinkler and drip irrigation system and dual flush toilets, sensor-based and waterless urinals, low-flow fixtures, the company has been able to save up to 43% of water consumption.

One fact I found particularly encouraging:

According to [Chief Executive officer N.K.] Ranganath, following these dramatic changes at the manufacturing plant, Grundfos was not only able to provide a clean and green atmosphere to its workers, but also was able to generate 15% to 20% more productivity at its factory in Chennai. β€œAt Grundfos, we understand the significance of responsibility to the environment and to the people we live, work and deal with,” he says.

In other words, it’s “people-friendly,” a feature of green building that we often overlook.

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