Mud+Straw+Corrugated Iron=Winner

The UK’s Building for a Future announces the winner of the RIBA Sustainability Awards.

Cobtun House, Worcestershire, built of mud, straw and corrugated iron, and designed by Associated Architects, has scooped this year’s RIBA Sustainability Award. The announcement was made at a special awards ceremony for The RIBA Stirling Prize in association with The Architects’ Journal at the Royal Museum in Edinburgh.

RIBA Sustainability Award rewards the building which demonstrates most elegantly and durably the principles of sustainable architecture. The winner was presented with a cheque for Β£5,000.

The RIBA Sustainability Award judges – Bill Gething, Bill Bordass, Jeremy Till and Tony Chapman – had this to say: β€œFor sheer vision, the seamless and unobtrusive way the design was tailored to the client’s needs, and the commitment and persistence of architect and client, the judges thought Cobtun House was a worthy winner of the RIBA Sustainability Award. Not only were some aspects of its construction truly innovative – particularly in the use of materials such as earth, sand and aggregate from the site itself – the architect and the contractors so entered into the spirit of the job that they made a point of arriving on site by public transport or bike.

β€œThe outcome is inspirational and pleases not only the client and his family and friends, but is regularly visited by people keen to learn all about sustainable construction.”

I haven’t checked if I beat Treehugger to the punch on this one, but this house certainly looks like a tribute to the idea that a green building can stylish and beautful also.

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