National Downshifting Week Coming to the US

And, boy, do we need it! Thanks to Tracey Smith, the creator of National Downshifting Week UK, for passing along the news that we’ll be celebrating National Downshifting Week in 2006. And what is National Downshifting Week?

This 7-day event is designed to inspire Individuals, Companies, Children and Schools, by highlighting ways people can live simpler, happier lives and be kinder to the environment at the same time.

Participants have a selection of easily achievable activities to ponder and are encouraged to try one a day, throughout the week.

Examples from the UK campaign include: –

1) Cut up a credit card.
2) Plant something to cultivate and eat and begin composting.
3) Encourage your employer to start a car share scheme or travel plan.
4) Take the kids on a trip to a recycling centre and make a start at home.

National Downshifting Week pulls together the threads of simpler living, positive attitudes towards recycling, perspective on the use of time, investment in the family, endorsement of charitable behaviour and more besides, which can only benefit the health, environment and welfare of the nation.

I’ll tell you: as the papers are piling up, and I’m back to my four days a week away from home schedule, I’m thinking harder and harder about downshifting myself! Thanks to Tracey not only for passing along this news, but for creating this effort to highlight options to the stress-filled, unsustainable lives most of us live. The UK site lists April 22-28 as the 2006 dates; at this point, I’m not exactly sure if the dates are the same in the US. I’ll keep you posted.

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