Pucker Up for the Holidays With These Easy Tips for Choosing All-Natural Lipstick

lips with natural lipstick

With one swipe of your favorite shade of lipstick, you can be instantly ready to pucker up to your beau under the mistletoe or bring in the new year with a kiss. Bold, bright lips are one of the season’s most imitated trends, with a perfect shade for every complexion and price point.

Nonetheles,s if you are not careful about reading your cosmetics’ labels, you may be choosing a lipstick that contains potentially harmful chemicals like parabens, petrochemicals and lead. Manufacturers are not required to follow strict regulations when determining which ingredients to include in their cosmetics. Therefore, many use man-made or synthetic ingredients because they are lower in cost and have longer shelf lives. This practice helps manufactures but may hurt you.

As women, we spend the majority of money in the marketplace, so we have the power to change how manufactures produce cosmetics by not buying those doused in chemicals. Here are a few easy tips to help you choose a great all-natural lipstick:

  • Visit EWG’s Skin Deep, a cosmetic database, to learn which ingredients are in your favorite lipsticks and their safety rankings. The lower the ranking of the ingredients, the safer they are for you.
  • Try to avoid man-made or synthetic chemicals, non-natural coloring and synthetic fragrances in your lipstick. The chemicals may cause your lips to become chapped and cracked.
  • Less is Best. Look for these all-natural ingredients in your favorite tube: beeswax or plant based waxes, natural oils (usually sunflower or jojoba) and natural coloring (usually mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, etc.) to keep your lips perfectly kissable.
  • Swap out high-end lipsticks for affordable, eco-friendly choices at local drugstores. You’ll never have to sacrifice your health for style again!
  • Make your own cosmetics with these easy recipes. Many of the mixing tools and ingredients can be found in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

With these easy tips you can feel confident choosing an all-natural lipstick and trashing those with chemicals. You’ll be ready in no time for smooching in the holidays!!

Image Credit: Christine Roth/Socialspice.de under a Creative Commons license

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