NESEA to Host BuildingEnergy09 in Boston

Previous year NESEA ConferenceThe Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) will host its annual conference – three days of presentations, workshops and exhibits focusing on green energy and building.

BuildingEnergy09 will run Mar. 10 – 12 in Boston, MA at the Seaport World Trade Center,  and will include top names in the realms of renewables, efficiency and sustainable building practices.

The event’s content and 200 presenters are geared to accommodate everyone from veteran builders and policy makers to students looking to expand skill sets in these important and growing areas.

Forums will range from immediate and practical knowledge – including installation techniques and building materials – to the most effective tools employed toward the policy and advocacy of sustainability.

Richard Komp of the Maine Solar Association will teach hands-on assembly in his Workshop on Hybrid Photovoltaic-Thermal systems.  Komp invented a system which reflects and directs more of the sun’s rays on solar cells to glean more electricity.

That results in hotter PV cells, however, which in turn diminishes their efficiency. Yet Komp’s design allows for having one’s cake and eating it too, as this excess heat is drawn away from the cells toward solar hot water applications.

Not forgotten among the practical is the cerebral at the conference, as in the case of “Negotiating a Green Mindset,” a workshop that will offer tools to the faithful few seeking to spread the word of sustainability. Moshe Cohen of the Negotiating Table will host the workshop.

The skills therein are designed to overcome deep-rooted habits and objections – often obstacles to adopting new and greener behaviors.

Other exhibits include:

-Greening an Existing Facility
-Advanced Building Science
-Deep Energy Retrofits for the Real World
-Solar Space Heating

Photo courtesy of NESEA

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