New App Lets You Report Water Waste When You Find It

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Last week, we took a look at an app designed to harness millennials’ aspirations for doing good and their comfort with social media. This week, we’ve come across the EveryDrop app on sister site Ecopreneurist. The concept here strikes me as much broader in terms of audience appeal: the desire to report a problem to the right authorities when you discover it. EveryDrop empowers you to do just that: when you (and “you” means a resident of Los Angeles currently) find water being wasted – an open fire hydrant, a broken pipe or main, or even a dripping faucet in a public park – you can report it right then.

Interested? I’ll hand it off to Derek for more details…

Meet EveryDrop – A Water Conservation Platform from CitySourced on Vimeo.

EveryDrop App Puts Power of Water Conservation In the Palm of Your Hand

Published on August 4th, 2014 | by Derek Markham

If you’ve been paying attention to the news at all over the last year, you’re aware that the drought conditions, especially in states like California, are putting lots of pressure on local water systems. The answers to reducing that pressure, and to coming to terms with a drier future, are many, but one of them, a citizen platform for reporting water waste, could be an effective method of addressing the issue of wastage and raising awareness.

A free app, EveryDrop, aims to put the power of water conservation in the palm of your hand, as it allows users to document and report incidents of water waste, whether it’s a dripping faucet, a broken water line, or a gushing hydrant.

everydrop-appThe app, which is for both Android and iOS users, was developed by the team behind CitySourced (a mobile platform that empowers citizens to use their smartphones to make their communities a better place), and while it’s focused on Los Angeles, it could very well be a helpful asset to water-stressed communities everywhere.

“By using our platform, in conjunction with Esri’s GIS technology, the power of big data comes alive. Water waste can now be isolated, quantified and studied. Education is tantamount in the effort to conserve water, and with the help of EveryDrop it’s easier than ever.”

EveryDrop allows its users to get further engaged with water conservation efforts by being the eyes and ears of the community, including mapping the locations of water waste. Users can:

  • Identify and report water waste directly
  • View the water waste around them
  • Receive alerts to conserve when it’s absolutely essential
  • Educate themselves on conservation
  • Engage with the water community through social media

Find out more about EveryDrop, or download the free app, at everydrop.la.

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