New Facebook App Provides Good Green Reason to Screw Around at Work

earthkeepers mission possible agent profileNeed another reason to spend time on Facebook? Or, just getting tired of Mafia Wars, Kidnap!, or even Willy’s Sweet Shop? Today, Timberland and changents officially launch yet another excuse for playing on FB rather than getting your work done: Earthkeepers Hero: Mission Possible.

I’ve played around with the app for a couple of days now, and, yes, I see how it could get addictive. Playing off the spy thriller motif, you’re presented with “missions” that revolve around an action/activism scenario, and give you a green trivia question to answer. There’s a definite social media aspect to it: you can recruit “backers” from your Facebook friends (which you’ll need for higher-level missions), and even get clues from real Timberland Earthkeeper Heroes such as Christopher Swain, Cate Trotter, Sami Nerenberg, and Nate Bastien.


earthkeepers mission possible question

The game is fun, visually appealing (not always a strong suit with FB apps), and provides some great food for thought on real-world actions you could take to lighten your own footprint, and spread the word. Try it out… and feel free to add me as a backer

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