New Foraging App Helps Make the Best Use of Your Edible Finds

Spring is here, and for those who like to add foraged food to their diet, it’s the beginning of the season. Whether you’re hunting for dandelion greens, berries, wild garlic, or mushrooms, they’re out there… ripe for the picking.

If you need help finding these tasty goodies, we’ve already pointed out a number of crowdsourced maps that identify good places to hunt for particular edibles. But what if you’re lucky enough to gather so much that you can’t eat it all? That’s where a new entry into the foraging app family comes into play: RipeNearMe allows you to interact with people who’d like to take, trade for, or even buy some of that excess food.

Our sister site Eat.Drink.Better dug into the details on RipeNearMe; take a look at their post below. If you’re inspired, consider pitching in a few dollars to the app’s crowdfunding campaign. Whether you do or don’t, let us know what you think.

RipeNearMe: Urban foraging app helps you find, trade, and sell. (via http://eatdrinkbetter.com)

A new urban foraging app – RipeNearMe – is aiming to take urban foraging to the next level by letting growers share, swap, or even sell their bounty. Crowdsourced apps that encourage urban foraging are nothing new. What make RipeNearMe special is…

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