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I don’t get around to posting about new green blogs nearly as often as I’d like, though I do frequently add them to The Sustainable Blogosphere (and now, of course, to The Green Blogosphere). A couple this week caught my eye, and what better way to put off things I really should be doing!

  • Remy Chevalier, one of the masterminds behind ICInyc, has started Cocktail Organico, a blog on green alcohol. Whether it goes in your car’s tank or a martini glass, Remy’s got it here… via Treehugger.
  • The National Review has launched Crunchy Cons, a blog on conservative environmentalism by author Rod Dreher (who wrote the book Crunchy Cons) and others. If you’ve studied my blogroll closely (and, god, I hope you have better things to do with your time), you may have noticed the paucity of conservative blogs discussing environmental issues — I’m pretty sure Enviropundit and The Evangelical Ecologist have been the only ones until now. This is not because I’m simply anti-conservative; I really believe conservatism and environmentalism can be (and even should be) quite compatible. Before CC, though, most that I’ve seen are anti-environmental screeds or cleverly-packaged “free market” and “wise useblogs that don’t seem particularly concerned with environmental protection. Dreher’s “Cruncy Con Manifesto” leads me to believe this is the real deal, and I welcome that…

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