New NGO Green Ramadan Links Month-Long Fast to Environmental Protection

As Muslims the world over celebrate Ramadan, a new organization called Green Ramadan is looking to turn one of the 5 pillars of Islam into a monthlong activity that helps the environment as well as fulfilling a religious obligation.

Targetting Muslims and non-Muslims alike, Green Ramadan’s mission is

To bring people from all over the world together, regardless of their faith. nationality or color, for one month every year, to care about our environment, the earth, animals and our health, practice positive and healthy habits, to make a positive impact and make a difference.

As their name implies, Green Ramadan will focus on promoting environmental awareness during the month long Ramadan fast. Participation is open to Muslims and non-Muslims, Green Ramadan will initially focus on predominantly Muslim regions, including such environmentally fragile areas such as the Near East, the Middle East, and the Persian Gulf.

You can get further involved by contacting Green Ramadan at [email protected]

Image: Courtesy of Green Ramadan

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  1. Bobby B.

    I have long wondered if the path to the one world religion is paved with “green” cobble stones. If you consider the UN’s worldwide unification efforts via the IPCC and the URI, and the fact that both recognize nature worship (Wicca, Gaiaism, etc.), you could arguably see the pieces of the puzzle coming together. Not only will Muslims and greens be celebrating Ramadan this year, but some christians seem to be on the bandwagon:


    Even though the statists’ definition of the separation of church and state is erroneous, it is ironic that they seek the unification of same under the green banner.

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