New Sundance Channel Blog Features a Heaping Helping of Green

sunfiltered blog logoLooking for information on solar panels, organic vegetables, or endangered species? You go to one of your favorite green blogs, right? But if you’re looking for a film review, or a preview of an art exhibit, or information on pending education legislation, you head to a different blogosphere… unless it’s eco-focused, you won’t find those things on sustainablog or other environmentally-focused sites.

On Tuesday, the Sundance Channel quietly rolled out an effort to change that. Billed as “film, art, music, design and more as we see it – filtered through that space between the underground and the mainstream,” the new SUNfiltered blog provides an eclectic range of content… and, as with the company’s television programming, green is a part of the mix.

As a company with a sensitive finger on the cultural pulse, it’s no surprise that Sundance has made eco-consciousness a part of the new blog. Of course, you’d also expect them to hire a smart, savvy blogger with an eye for cutting-edge green developments to cover this beat, right?

You’d expect that. What you’ll get, however: me.

In all seriousness, I’m honored Sundance has asked me to join the team at SUNfiltered. Twice a week, I’ll be covering the green scene along side some very impressive folks writing about film, music, art, sex, and other forms of “emerging culture that demands to be noticed.” Additionally, I’ll be previewing a few SUNfiltered posts each month here at sustainablog.

No need to wait for those previews, though… my first post is already up, and more are in the hopper. While you’re there, check out the other contributors — there’s already some really intriguing content available.

Of course, I’ll still be here at sustainablog with the rest of the crew… and with Earth Month just kicking off, stay tuned… lots coming up!

PS: No, I don’t know Robert Redford, and can’t give you his phone number…

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