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triplepundit logo

triplepundit logo

Many sustainability blogs focus on what’s “in me, on me and around me,” that is, those environmental issues that deepest effect people’s daily lives. With good reason: food, cleaning products, green building materials and transportation are extremely crucial to our daily lives. However, “in me, on me, and around me” applies to businesses too. If they clean up their acts and provide cleaner, better products and services that benefit will extend down to consumers and back up through their supply chains.

TriplePundit, is one of the world’s most widely-read websites on ethical, sustainable, profitable business, with over 350,000 unique monthly readers — sustainability consultants, green team leaders, and people who work inside sustainable companies.

They cover topics such as global water and energy challenges, sustainable food, supply chain sourcing, smart cities, integrated corporate reporting and e-waste recycling.

The name of the website stuck out to me because it didn’t reference green, environmentalism or sustainability, but I wasn’t really sure what it meant. TriplePundit is based on the “triple bottom line” or — three Ps — of sustainability – People, Planet, Profit. Triple Bottom Line advocates argue that economy, environment and society are inseparably related, and an understanding of all three is critical to society’s ability to flourish long term.

TriplePundit was founded by Nick Aster in 2005 as a kind of “Sustainablog for business” — a place to share all the news and conversations he was having in his Sustainable MBA program at the Presidio School of Management about the best ways to make companies more sustainable. Now, the team has expanded to include a full-time editor, Jen Boynton, and a huge pack of writers who churn out the daily content. I had the pleasure of meeting Jen in person on a press tour to Finland back in 2009.

Check out TriplePundit for tips and tools to make your company more sustainable.

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