Next Week: Live Blogging from the LA Auto Show

Been digging around all day, and while there’s all sorts of news and developments to report, I’m finding that others on top of the really good ones… and I’m a bit tired tonight… ;-D

So, I thought I’d take a few minutes to announce a very recent, very cool development — I’m heading out to Los Angeles for a couple of days next week to attend the media events leading up the Los Angeles Auto Show. While my main responsibility will be to Treehugger, I do plan to get in some sustainablog posts… I’m guessing that there will be plenty to go around.

So, why me? Apparently, there’s going to be lots of news on the green front. I can’t say for sure what will be announced (I’m sure few can), but apparently some big things are in the works. During the press events, we’ll actually get a chance to see some of these new green cars (and others, I guess) up very close — as in driving and riding in them. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited.

This gets even more interesting, though: Shell Oil is sponsoring my trip. I know… you’re thinking “Huh?” Honestly, that was my first thought, also. They’re going to have some news on the green front, too, and I’ll be talking to one of their executives about the details. Obviously, don’t have any yet…

I’ve been really impressed, though, with the clear sense Shell and Edelman Public Relations — the people who hooked me up with this opportunity — have of what I do. My first question to Edelman’s Tristan Roy was “Can I still ask the hard questions?” Not only did I get a resounding “Yes!” to that question, but also clear instructions that everything was to be as transparent as possible. Shell even drafted a blurb that they’d like me to run, so here it is:

Shell has provided travel expenses to sustainablog/Treehugger to make attendance at the LA Auto Show possible. No blogging about Shell products, initiatives, or anything at the Auto Show is required. The only Shell requirement as a condition of accepting these expenses was including a clear and prominent disclosure of this relationship on sustainablog/Treehugger.

Got it… no quid pro quo or guarantees of favorable coverage. I can call it like I see it… and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I was happy to find out that neither would they… I do want to thank Tristan, Edelman and Shell for the opportunity, and promise to give all of you as close a look as I can…

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