No Cats Were Harmed in the Making of this Biodiesel

As you might imagine, the story about dead-cat biodiesel I mentioned on Wednesday made it all over the Internet, and the inventor, Dr. Christian Koch, now denies that he uses dead cats as part of his biofuel mix. After I got over the shock of the just-plain-weirdness of this story, a thought occurred to me that also comes up in this article from the UK’s Register:

One chemist told us that dead pets are routinely cremated anyway, because they are biohazardous material, although he acknowledged that beef lard or perhaps dead rats would be a more socially acceptable animal fuel source.

But turning the pets into fuel would reduce the atmospheric pollution from the cremation, he said, and converting them to fuel would at least make use of the energy released from the material.

Perhaps I’m getting morbid in my old(er) age…

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