“Nothing like it in the world”

That’s the motto for Destiny USA, a planned research park in the Syracuse, NY area that will break ground later this year. Among the park’s planned attractions:

A 325-acre campus with jogging trails and recreation fields, a monorail link to the airport, extended-stay hotels, movie theaters, restaurants and an Olympic-sized pool are only part of the attraction, they say.

All of it will be powered by renewable energy sources and built with environmentally-friendly materials, part of the largest green building complex in the world. In fact, the park’s mission will be to revolutionize the way structures are built – all with a focus on preserving and improving the environment.

Additionally, Destiny USA will build to encourage collaboration between researchers of the various companies located there.

The concept has its critics, including University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s Professor Harvey A. Goldstein. “There may be good reason that there’s nothing like it in the world,” Goldstein said. “It’s hard for me to see how anyone is going to make money off of this.”

From the Syracuse Post-Standard.

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