Nourishing the Graphic Design Community

Thanks to sustainablog reader Eric Benson for passing along news of his final MFA project at the University of Texas at Austin: renourish.com. The purpose of Eric’s site:

renourish is a tool. It exists to provide the graphic designer and their clients a host of resources to practice more sustainably in their craft. It helps you understand the importance of sustainability and how practical and invigorating it can be for the creative process and, in turn, our lives.

We have provided, in the guts of this site, a variety of links to resources that are important for the graphic designers’ daily practice: paper companies, ink vendors, printers, companies that provide sustainable products, existing green design firms, bloggers, and news articles about sustainability.

Eric’s created quite a resource here. The site is organized around a series of blogs on different topics and design materials. He’s also got interactive features linked (i.e. a calculator for determining the environmental benefits of using postconsumer recycled paper), factsheets and checklists, a database of green bloggers (thanks for the nod!) and a collection of articles on a variety of topics related to sustainability and design. Of course, any of us who use paper, printers, inks, etc., could also benefit from renourish… Nicely done, Eric! And cogratulations on finishing that last big project — a few of us here can sympathize!

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