President Obama: Lead America to Clean Energy Now

As far back as Richard Nixon, every American president has called for energy reform and action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. And for 40 years, not a single one followed through to create real change.

President Obama has expressed his public commitment to passing strong climate and energy reform in 2010. But, with the legislative calendar running out, now is the moment we must turn words into action.

That’s the point of our forceful new video.


Tell President Obama: Clean energy now!

We’re calling on all EDF members, activists, and supporters and on all concerned Americans to join us in telling President Obama: We need you to lead America to a clean climate and energy future.

Please help us get to 50,000 signatures by going to our clean energy campaign page to add your name. Then forward to your friends and family, share on Facebook and Twitter, and help us recruit as many signers as possible.

We have never been closer to success.

What we have so far is President Obama’s support. What we need is a full court press by White House officials to do what it takes to get the 60 votes needed to secure Senate passage of a bill. Nothing short of that will do.

History will be made this month. Please help us make this a chapter with a happy ending.

Please watch our video and act today.

This was originally posted on  Climate411.

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