Of Pots and Kettles

Here’s a real head-scratcher:

The United States must help fast-growing China and India become more energy efficient, and reduce its own dependence on foreign oil by finding alternative energy sources, President Bush said Monday.

“It’s in our economic interest and our national interest to help countries like India and China become more efficient users of oil,” Bush said at a Virginia processing plant that makes “biodiesel” fuel out of soybeans.

“That would help take the pressure off global oil supply, take the pressure off prices here at home,” he said…

Bush said he would ask leaders of the world’s richest nations at a Group of Eight summit in July to help developing countries find “practical ways to use clean energy technologies” and be more efficient in energy use.

So let me get this straight: energy conservation in the US is merely a “personal virtue”; energy conservation in China and India is sound economic policy. The only way I can translate this to make any sense is that Dubya means “You people have to make some changes so us folks don’t have to…”

From Reuters via ClimateArk.

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