One Woman Battles the Bag… and Wins! (PPB #17)

Modbury: The plastic bag free town
Modbury: The plastic bag free town

Our friends at Eco-Libris have their guest post up, and it combines the themes of eco-heroes and plastic bags that we’ve already seen. After making a documentary on “about the devastating effect of plastic bags on marine life in Hawaii,” Rebecca Hoskings decided to do something about them in her little English village of Modbury. Bringing her film to all the towns shopkeepers, she made a simple request… get rid of the plastic shopping bag.

It worked… Modbury is now a plastic bag free town, and Hoskings is receiving praise at the national level. Go check out Raz’s post to find out more.

Know of other successful campaigns that have convinced store owners and managers that they don’t need to provide those thin plastic one-use bags to keep customers coming in? Share those stories with us, too…

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Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yellowbookltd/ / CC BY 2.0

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