“Our Fair and Gluttonous Species…”

From the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Mark Morford via Axis of Logic via democracyforcalifornia (whew, I’ve got to take a break) comes a must-read paralleling of the Millenial Ecosystem Analysis with James Howard Kunstler’s The Long Emergency that, in a way only Morford can do it, tells us we’re doomed… maybe. The fact that jumps out at me is “we humans have, in our shockingly short time on this wobbly sphere, used up a staggering 60 percent of the world’s grasslands, forests, farmland, rivers and lakes.” So, once again, I have to ask: can we address this, or is Morford right that

Maybe the nutball evangelical born-agains have it right: Maybe it’s best to just burn up this whole godforsaken lump of Earth as fast as possible and then watch in giddy flesh-rended glee as Armageddon rains down and only those who’ve given tens of thousands of dollars to secretly gay televangelists will rise up and be saved and the rest of us will merely drive our Priuses off a collective cliff into the fiery pits of gay-marriage-friendly hell.

BTW, take a look at Diana’s other posts on peak oil — she’s become a major resource in a short time…

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