Peak Oil and St. Louis

Local blogger Steve Patterson has published an essay on Urban Review – St. Louis that considers our prospects in the face of peak oil much as Steve Balogh did with his home town of Syracuse, NY (Must be a Steve thing…). I must admit, I’d love to see some of his predictions come true:

It will take at least a generation to work through the transition from a fossil fuel economy to a more self sustaining one. St. Louis city and the inner suburbs will become increasingly dense and great places to live. Street life will be outstanding, much like it was 100 years ago (without the horse manure). My friends that have young children will raise them in a much more environmentally conscience than we were. Their kids will see the rebirth of St. Louis of a pedestrian St. Louis despite the hardships from the economy. Those of us more set in our ways will need to adjust.

Regardless of how things turn out here in the Midwest, I think one of Steve’s commenters is absolutely right: we need to have this issue raised here.

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  1. John R.

    I’d appreciate any resources you know if in the St. Louis area regarding Peak Oil…support of any kind. I’m not aware of too many people in my circles who are aware of this issue…and it’s grave consequences.

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