Peak Oil (or Something Like It) Hitting the Small Screen

From my mom via the Louisiana Democrats Yahoo! Group:

“Local featured in cable feature Oil Storm”

This feature plays multiple times on FX during the
week. Here’s the actual schedule.

Hope you can catch it.

Mark Krasnoff, one of Louisiana’s leading actors,
tears the seal open on Louisiana as well as American
issues involving oil, coastal erosion and politics, in
the world premiere film, Oil Storm. This is a major
show which explores the dramatic consequences of oil
running out in America due to a series of natural and
man-made disasters. A significant part of the show
is filmed around New Orleans and Port Fouchon. In
the film, Mark Krasnoff plays the Director of Port
Fourchon. The real Port Director is Ted Falgout who
helped enormously with researching and making the show

Oil Storm has its premiere on FX on June 5th at 8pm
and is also airing on:

6/5 10:00p
6/6 8:00p
6/6 11:00p
6/10 11:00p
6/11 5:30p

The FX Networks web site has posted this description of the film:

Oil Storm will look at a series of natural and man-made disasters which interrupt the flow of oil to the United States, creating a huge set of crises and dramatically changing our way of life. Oil Storm changes the form of the traditional disaster movie, as it will be designed to be an accurate, thought-provoking and serious portrayal of what would potentially happen in the event of if oil production to America was halted.

My initial reaction is “A Day After Tomorrow for peak oil,” but I bet it will be fun to watch.

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