Want Better Yield from your Tomato Plants? Pee on ’em…

ripe tomatoes on plant

I missed this one originally, but researchers at Finland’s University of Kuopio published a paper in 2009 showingΒ that a mixture of wood ash and human urine makes great fertilizer for your tomatoes… one more great excuse for peeing outside!

Popular Science gave a run-down of the paper published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The authors didn’t stop with tomatoes, though… a few months later, they published similar findings on beets.

OK, fess up… you peeing in the garden? How’s it working out for you…?

Image credit: Ajith_chatie at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

  1. Uncle B

    Human urine is best as fertilizer after soaking in sawdust or similar organic matter, used as a means of collection even.(Sweden does this, and dry composts human solid wastes as well) Tilling in the pee-soaked sawdust at a later date after allowing for needed chemical reactions, around the plants avoiding direct contact with plants or roots, works well I know I did it! Also: I “Watered” my tomatoes daily with a very dilute solution, 10 water to 1 measure of pee approximately. also avoiding direct contact with plant and leaves. This proved more beneficial than commercial preparations, done according to packet instructions over an entire season. Keep this with your “Just in case the worst happens” files, while such great information is still freely given on this wondrous internet. God Bless all North America in this time of economic attack from Asia.

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