Permaculture Garden at UMass Documented on Video

permaculture garden at umass amherst

Food gardens for campus dining halls aren’t particularly unusual anymore – along with renewable energy installations, I’d guess that this is one of the most popular ways of bringing sustainability to colleges and universities. The University ofย Massachusettsย at Amherst went a step further, though, and not only converted a 12,000 square foot plot of land into a permaculture garden, but also documented the process on video. The three-part series, which run about 16 minutes total, covers the entire process of reclaiming the land for food production, and aptly demonstrates the excitement generated among students, faculty, and staff from this activity. Here’s part 1 of the series:

Talk about an educational experience: everyone involved gets crash courses in soil science, agricultural ecology, resource management, and more. Gardening like this also brings together members of the campus community in a common purpose: what other activity would connect kitchen staff, students, and members of the administration? And, finally, all get to share really fresh food transported from a few feet away…

Parts 2 and 3 of the series are available on the documentary’s web page. If you get really intrigued by permaculture at UMass-Amherst, ย you can also check out their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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Image credit: UMass Dining Photo Gallery

  1. Diane C

    Thanks for the links. The great thing is that the young people working on this will carry this knowledge back with them and (hopefully) teach it to their children in home gardens.

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