Personal Happiness and Equity: A Sustainability Link

What is the source of equity?

The source of equity, I would argue, is believing that all people deserve the same. In actual fact, though, who believes that others deserve what they deserve? More often than not, people don’t believe that others deserve what they deserve. But, this comes from people who are not happy with what they have. People who want more believe they deserve more, even if they are already making 99 times more than the average man.

Who is happy for others to receive happiness, and to receive, in general? And who is happy to give? Those are happy to see others happy who are happy themselves. Those want others to receive who receive themselves, and want others to deserve who deserve themselves.

This is the important point — this is all referring to a deep receiving and happiness, not to a superficial happiness and receiving. If one is deeply happy, one wants everyone to receive that happiness. One who is rich (with money) may want others to share in that or may not. One who is poor may want to share her or his only provisions with a stranger in need, or may wish everyone in the world had the peace and provisions of their own shelter and daily food. It is not a matter of having, physically, or not. The matter for those who are happy (which makes them want to share with others) is the happiness they find in their own soul or inner self.

The important point is that with that happiness they want others to have — everything that is good to have. It is that heart of love and giving that is the source of equity. It is the source of peace, it is the source of kindness and selflessness in thoughts and actions, and it is, therefore, the source of equity.

Wanting to give, people give and share. Wanting to be equal, people bring others up to their level. Wanting to be at peace, people bring peace to everyone they can see.

Thus, the source of equity is personal happiness itself. With personal happiness, people work for equity, and equity is found. And with equity, more personal happiness can be found, as more people can live sustainable lives. Thus, another link in the sustainability prism is made.

See What is Sustainability and Personal Happiness and the Economy for more on the sustainability prism and the link between personal happiness or peace and sustainability itself.

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