Philadelphians to Party Like There IS a Tomorrow at GreenFest Philly

GreenFest Philly logoOn Sunday, September 7, Philadelphians and those from surrounding communities (including me) will be celebrating all things green at GreenFest Philly. The festival coordinators expect about 20,000 people and their reusable water bottles to descend upon the Headhouse Square section of the cityΒ located on Second Street between Lombard and South Streets.

The theme for this year’s festival is water quality. There will be a Water Quality SymposiumΒ where speakers will cover topics such as Residential Water Use and What’s Happening In Your River? (that would be the Delaware River for those unfamiliar with the region). There will also be several short films at the EcoFilm Forum that will cover water topics.

While water is the theme of this year’s festival there will be much more going on. 200 exhibitors will display their green causes/services/merchandise. There will be plenty of kids activities and even a Sweet Green Organic Pastry/Dessert Contest. Oh, YUM! And much, much more.

I’m really looking forward to spending the day in the city at GreenFest Philly. What am I most looking forward to? I could be all professional and tell you that it’s getting information that I can use to report back to you next week. And I am looking forward to that. But, if I’m going to be honest, what I am most looking forward to is the Eco-Exchange Fashion Show and Clothing Swap. I’ll be taking a backpack full of clothes to add to the clothing swap and perhaps bring home a few new-to-me items.Β 

If you’re planning on going to GreenFest Philly, the festival runs from 11am to 6pm. See their website for specific times for events.

Image from GreenFest Philly website.

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