Playing Catch-up Again…

Seems like I have to do that every so often. While I’ve been dealing with other issues this week, I’ve missed the opportunity to bring you all sorts of cool news that’s come my way. Since I’m now having trouble deciding what’s post-worthy (most of it), I thought I’d just give you a run-down.

*Ecostructure Financial has opened their Ecopreneur’s Portal. According to the company’s press release,

At the Ecopreneur Portal (www.ecostructure.us) investors can view and assist green companies that appeal to both their investment objectives and environmental interests. Ecostructure Financial estimates there are 4000 to 20,000 ecological entrepreneurs currently developing simple, scalable, and profitable solutions to issues such as deforestation, collapse of marine ecosystems, global warming, and urban sprawl. First unveiled in May, the Ecopreneur Portal is now attracting a growing number of Ecopreneurs, Eco-Investors, and General Interest members.

“Accredited”Β” investors can register for a monthly fee of $35 and review business proposals from a range of ecological solution companies posted at the site. Revenue generated by the monthly fee helps Ecostructure provide free technical assistance to develop business strategies and structure financing for the Ecopreneurs listed at the site.

*British activist and global warming truth-teller George Monbiot not only has a new book on the way, but has also launched a companion web site, turn up the heat. As usual, Monbiot pulls no punches; he takes on some of Great Britain’s most popular spokespeople for global warming awareness and takes them to task. So, Sir Richard Branson, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and BP’s Lord Browne all get a place of honor in the site’s “Greenwash Exposed” section. Is Monbiot harsh? Yes. Unfairly harsh? Maybe. The point of the site, however, doesn’t seem to be labeling people as hypocrites — as he points out, we’ve all got to answer for some level of hypocrisy — but rather to suggest that the climate crisis facing us is so alarming that we can’t allow for simply raising awareness. I’ve got a copy of Monbiot’s book, and am looking forward to reading it — of course, I’ll share when I’m done.

*Lisa Taylor, blogmaster at The Great Warming, asked if I’d take special notice of this particular post. While the three-hour television series The Great Warming hasn’t gotten the kind of attention focused on An Inconvenient Truth, the people who have seen it are impressed. If you’ve seen it, tell us what you think…

*Mathew Gross sends news of an attempt by the Feds to sell off land around St. George, UT, near thspectacularar Zion National Park. Please sign the petition here — southern Utah is one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever been in terms of natural beauty, and I would hate to see that harmed.

*The EPA has launched the Energy Star podcast series

I’m sure there’s more… Have a good Sunday, and I’ll be back on track this week.

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