Ever Want to Hire Someone to Implement All Those Sustainable Lifestyle Tips?


Need some pointers on how to cut electricity, water, and/or gas use? Identify the toxins in your home? Label food products that contain GMOs? You don’t have to look far: green living tips have become standard content throughout the sustainable blogosphere (including here at sustainablog). Of course, you actually have to implement these tips to see the savings, and that’s where many of us fall short. It’s understandable, of course: there are many, many steps you can take to create a more sustainable lifestyle, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Friend, colleague, and boss Scott Cooney understood this frustration, and has launched a new company designed to address it. Pono Home, based in Honolulu, Hawaii, isn’t just another green living consulting business; rather, Scott and team not only train you live more sustainably, but, in their first visit, implement all of those tips so you’re starting from the place you want to be (rather than where you are). I’ll let him and partner Jennifer Milholen explain:

Pono Home IGG video from Important Media on Vimeo.

Yes, they’re running a crowdfunding campaign through indiegogo, and, yes, right now the service itself is limited to Oahu. But before you click over to a cute puppy video because you live in Iowa, also note that Pono Home has been selected for support by cleantech incubator Energy Excelerator, and is selling franchises in this campaign (and afterwards)… so tossing in some support may help get this service to your area faster. And if you know someone who lives on Oahu, there are gift certificate options. I’ve kicked in a little myself…

There’s plenty of opportunity out there for learning about green living; doing it is the trick. As someone concerned about the state of our planet (and the people on it), I’d much rather you pay someone to suck the lint out of your dryer’s exhaust vent and label the cleaning supplies with toxic ingredients instead of planning to do it yourself… and never getting around to it. No shame there. I’m guessing many people will love this idea…

As a startup, Pono Home has only had a relative handful of clients; if you happen to be one of them, share your experience with us. And if you’re intrigued, check out the campaign page, and consider either buying their service, or kicking in a few bucks to support their effort.

Image credit: andres.thor via photopin cc

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